Fostering Significant Connections to Promote Sustainability

The U.S. Farmer Connect Platform serves as a foundational infrastructure, facilitating a movement that unites farming, youth, and both rural and urban communities, thereby working collectively toward sustainability.

Farmers and Resources Partners

Become a part of a larger community collective by connecting your farm with us. Share your experiences, updates, and expertise with the next generation. Gain access to an array of partners, business expansion resources, government programs, and capital initiatives through our comprehensive solution hub designed to foster growth among farmers and communities.


Community and Education Partners

Enhance your local farming program by establishing a customized environment with us. Draw attention to your community to foster wider local engagement for your mission. Leverage local resources, volunteers, consultants, mentors, coaches, corporate partners, STEAM education and workforce allies, and much more. Create meaningful connections that drive community growth and education.



The Interconnected Ecosystem of Food, People, Communities, Culture, and Our Future

Our digital solution presents a fresh perspective on sharing stories about farming and food cultivation, focusing on its multifaceted influence on our lives. This includes aspects of health and nutrition, STEAM education, workforce dynamics, social impact, gun violence, innovation, broadband technology, environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, resources, mentoring, industry expertise, and evolving trends.

The Challenges We Aim to Address

Young adults often perceive farming as an unappealing career path, associating it with dirt, poverty, and a lack of education. Many small farmers face hardships due to limited access to resources, broadband technology, business infrastructure, and capital support, alongside a disconnect with the primary consumer marketplace. Numerous second and third-generation farmers are surrendering to these adversities, leading to farm closures. Yet, the demand for increased food production is escalating, and the cost of food is surpassing the rate of inflation. A significant number of farming networks struggle to engage with end consumers, particularly in inner-city and urban communities. This shortfall hinders the cultivation of new interest and a more profound appreciation and support for food production. The industry lacks the infrastructural "rails" necessary to connect the ecosystem of food producers, the workforce, and consumers. Many perceive urban and rural areas as distinct entities, leading to food deserts in the heart of cities like Detroit. Our national food supply's resilience is only as robust as its weakest links. Consequently, we must implement solutions that ensure equal opportunities and resources for all.

Transformation Functions & Benefits

Our initiative promotes access to healthy and nutritious food, contributing to a better quality of life. We facilitate community cooking events and connect consumers directly to farmers, growers, and producers. Our focus extends to STEAM education, aiding in workforce development and career building, and fostering stronger local economies. We believe in character building, contributing to the reduction of gun violence, and instilling a greater sense of self-respect and responsibility in individuals to protect and cultivate their communities. We strive to create healthier communities using a life cycle model. Our platform serves as a hub for asking and answering questions, promoting innovation, utilizing broadband technology, adopting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, providing resources, mentorship, industry expertise, and staying abreast of current trends.

Shaping the Human Experience through Agriculture: A Ground-Up Approach We aim to curate the profound human experience that revolves around growing food and the transformative power it holds to connect us, reshaping our lives from the very roots. Our mission is to cultivate, nurture, grow, and harvest, thereby ensuring humanity's survival in every conceivable way.

Bentley Charlemagne, Creator & CVO of Farmer Connect.
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