Creating Meaningful Connectivity to Drive Sustainability

The U.S. Farmer Connect Platform drives the infrastructure rails to support a movement to connect farming, youths, rural and urban communities working as a collective.

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Farmers and Resources Partners

Connect your farm to join a broader community collective. Share your stories, news and knowledge with the next generation, get access to partners, business growth resources, government and capital programs with our 360 solution growth hub for farmers and communities.


Community and Education Partners

Connect and drive your local farming program with your custom environment. Spotlight your community to rally greater local participation for your mission, connect your local resources, volunteers, consultants, mentors, coaches, corporate partners, STEAM education and workforce partners and more.



The Ecosystem of Food, People, Communities, Culture and our Future

A digital solution that will take a new twist on communicating stories about farming and food cultivation and how it touches and impacts our lives from the standpoint of health and nutrition, STEAM education, workforce, social impact and gun violence, innovation, Broadband Technology, ESG, Resources, Mentors, Industry Experts, and Trends

The Challenges

The general perception of farming with young adults is that farming is not a cool space to develop a career in. We have been taught that Farming is associated with dirt, poverty and the undereducated. Many small farmers are struggling due to poor access to resources, broadband technology, business infrastructure, capital support and disconnectivity to the core consuming marketplace.

Many second and third-generation farmers' are giving up and closing. However, the demand for higher food production is growing rapidly, and the cost of food is outpacing the inflation rate.

Few farming networks know how to connect with the end consumers, inner-city and urban communities to cultivate new interest and a deeper consumer appreciation and support for food cultivation.

The industry lacks rail infrastructure to connect the ecosystem of the people who produce our food, workforce and consumers.

Most people see the urban and the rural as being separate. That is why we have food deserts in the middle of places such as Detroit. Our country's food supply is only as strong as the weakest areas. Therefore we must deploy solutions to create a level playing field for all.

Transformation Functions & Benefits

Healthy and Nutritious Food I Better Life I Community Cooking Events I Connecting consumers to farmers/growers/producers I STEAM Education I Workforce & Career Building I Stronger Local Economies I Character Building I Reduced Gun Violence I Greater Self Respect and Responsibility to Protect & Grow Communities I Healthier Communities I Has a Life Cycle Model I One place for Asking and Answering Questions. Innovation/Broadband Technology, ESG, Resources, Mentors, Industry Experts, and Trends.

Curating the human experience with growing food and its power to connect us and change our lives from the ground up Cultivate. Nurture. Grow. Harvest and Sustain Humanities survival in every way imaginable.

Bentley Charlemagne, Founder of Farmer Connect.
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